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Vacuum pumps and service for use in semiconductor, manufacturing and analytical processes.TURBO Pumps,Dry Scroll Pumps and oil free pumps.....<<more>>

Semiconductor Processing - Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Ion Implant; Etching; COBRA Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Our COBRA BA, BC and DS dry screw vacuum pump series types meet the specific needs of semiconductor applications. The COBRA BA series type is an air cooled, screw vacuum pump for light and medium duty applications. Fossa scroll vacuum pumps are ideally suited for generating medium ...<<more>>

Basics And Uses of Industrial Vacuum Pump - sciencestruck

For semiconductor processing such as ion implantation, dry etching, and in the deposition of PVD, ALD, CVD, and PECVD. In analytical instrumentation, to analyze solid, liquid, gas, surface, and bio-materials....<<more>>

Edwards E2M30 vacuum pump Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump

A&J Vacuum also repair / rebuild and service all Edwards E2M30, E2M28, RV5, RV8, RV12, E2M2, E2M5, E2M8, E2M12 Series Vacuum Pumps along with all other Edwards Turbo Pumps, Edwards Dry Pumps, Edwards Scroll Pumps and all other Edwards Vacuum Rotary Vane pumps....<<more>>

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Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pumps DIS Series ; Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pumps DISL Series ; Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pump DTC Series ; Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pump DAU-20/DTU-20 ; Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pump DA Series Medium Current Ion Implanter SOPHI-200/260 ; Dry Etching System for Production NE-5700 & NE-7800...<<more>>

iXH Dry Pumps - EDWARDS - PDF Catalogue | Technical

iXH DRY PUMPS FOR HARSH PROCESSES Giving you a clear edge PRODUCT DATASHEET The iXH dry pump range is an evolution of our market leading iH products and sets new standards for harsh process capability, reliability and lower cost of ownership....<<more>>

World-Class Dry Pump Vacuum Technology | Edwards

iGX Dry Pump Vacuum System The iGX dry vacuum pump series sets new standards for the modern dry pump with zero maintenance between overhauls; this has led to it being one of the world’s most popular dry pumps with over 20,000 units installed in most leading 300mm fabs....<<more>>

IoN 100WB-40 Plasma System - pvateplaamerica

The IoN 100WB-40 is derived from the IoN 100-40, on a smaller chassis that has all the same plasma qualities as that of IoN 100-40, except the pump power connection. The IoN 100WB-40 requires a facilities power outlet for powering the vacuum pump....<<more>>

iH Dry Vacuum Pumps - Edwards

iH Dry Vacuum Pumps Our iH Dry Pumps offer a highly reliable, low cost pump for difficult processes where particulate, condensable or corrosive by-products are present. The iH Series has a five stage base pump with an innovative cantilever rotor, claw and roots design which improves dust handling and reduces exhaust noise....<<more>>

Alcatel 2012AC Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump | Adixen Alcatel

The 2012AC vacuum pump is a oil sealed dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump with a ½ hp motor. It is reliable and designed for applications in the chemical industry and any vacuum processes that demand chemical resistance....<<more>>

Vacuum pump - chemeurope

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. The vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke. The vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke....<<more>>

Diffusion High Vacuum Pumps - NEW & REBUILT - PTB Sales, Inc.

Diffusion pumps are the most economical high vacuum pumps available. They offer the highest pumping speed of any high vacuum pump. For that reason, they are common pumps for large chambers and coating processes that do not require an ultra clean environment....<<more>>

(PDF) CFD simulation of a dry scroll vacuum pump with

Although dry scroll vacuum pumps (DSPV) are essential devices in many different industrial processes, the CFD simulation of such pumps is not widely used and often restricted to simplified cases ...<<more>>

Allectra Ltd Alumina Systems GmbH - Vacuum Expo 2018

dry screw pump, the new R 5 RA 0750 oil lubricated rotary vane pump, Turbo turbomolecular pump, Rangu oil diffusion pump, Zebra two stage oil lubricated rotary vane pump, and Fossa dry scroll vacuum pump....<<more>>

CVC Products AST-601 Vacuum Sputter Deposition System

CVC Products AST-601 (ND-297089) Vacuum Sputter Deposition System, To Include: BOC Edwards XDS5 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump with Shrader EF-60 Exhaust Filter, CVC Controllers – ION Gauge GIC-410, Pirani Gauge GP-310, Autotube Power KR-11, ENI ACG-10, Arga Plus CVC KR1 Power Supply....<<more>>

Transparent Inlet Vacuum Traps - vacoil

VacOil® clear vacuum traps feature a transparent sump for easy identification of contaminates. Each trap contains a replaceable insert that traps foreign particles and vapors, keeping them from getting where they shouldn't be....<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps - EBARA Precision Machinery Europe

Model PDV. Provides a clean, reliable vacuum for many applications in the industry and research if pumping speeds up to 30 m3/h are required. The PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps offers an oil free energy efficient solution for replacing scroll and oil pumps for clean applications....<<more>>

Agilent Vacuum Products Catalog 2011

High Capacity MS-RPS Pumps Dry Scroll Pumps Diffusion Pumps Ion Pumps Turbo Pumps TPS Turbo Pumping Systems Leak Detection Vacuum Measurement Ion pump. The Vacuum Division becomes a separate business. CVD, Etching, Ion Implantation, MBE, Crystal Pulling, etc....<<more>>

Leak Detector HELIOT 900 Series | ULVAC | Products

Piping assemblies and separate parts. Vacuum components and systems. Automotive parts, air conditioning, heat exchanger parts and assemblies. Packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, etc....<<more>>

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - A liquid ring vacuum pump is a model model used primarily for the evacuation of dry and wet gases. What sets the liquid ring pump apart is the fact that it can also deal with condensable vapors and small bits of liquid suspended in incoming gas....<<more>>

Selecting a Vacuum Pump for an SEM Sputter Coater.

Using dry scroll pumps or diaphragm pumps as backing pumps can be a suitable alternative for dual stage rotary pumps. Note 4 : Using air as process gas instead of Argon If air is used as process gas instead of Argon, the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump can be in the 10-2 to 10-3mbar range....