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NEOVAC General Purpose Fluid - Vacuum Pump Oils

Invoil Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil – 702, 704, 705. Invoil silicone diffusion pump oil is designed for high vacuum applications...<<more>>

The difference between silicone oil and two methyl

It has a very small vapor pressure, high flash point and ignition point, lower freezing point. With the increase of the chain segments n of different molecular weight, viscosity also increased, solid the silicon oil can have a variety of different viscosity from 0.65 CST until millions of CST....<<more>>

China Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil Silibase-9704, Silicone

Diffusion Pump Oil Silibase-9704 isavailable in 1kg plastic bottles, 1gallon plastic drums,5kg plastic drums,25kgplastic drums, 25kg Iron drums or 200kg Iron drums. Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keeping away from rain andsunlight....<<more>>

Silicone oil

The most commonly usedsilicone oil is methyl silicone oil. It has a very low vaporpressure, a high flash point and a flash point, and a lower freezing point. Withthe number of segments n, molecular weight increases, viscosity also increased,solid silicone oil can have a variety of different viscosities....<<more>>

Dow Corning DC 704 Silicone Pump Fluid - lesker

Tetramethyl tetraphenyl trisiloxane—an ideal fluid for aggressive applications. Features. Used in medium and large pumping speed diffusion pumps in a wide variety of research and production applications, as lower attainable pressure justifies the additional expense of this excellent fluid...<<more>>

Silicone Diffusion Fluid, Oils & Lubricants | Dahisar East

Belt Drive Rotary Vane Pumps, Oil Lubricant Vacuum Pumps, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pumps Product Description: SIL-LUB 704 is a Silicone diffusion fluid is single component fluid for high vacuums of 10-6 to 10-8 torr (untrapped), and 10-10 torr (trapped)....<<more>>

Buy Diffusion Pump Oil - Equal to DC 704 : SV-SIGMA

Supervac Industries® manufactures SV- SIGMA™, silicone diffusion pump oil- equal.DC 704, keeping in mind the high vacuum applications. For the last 11 years, this Premier product of Supervac Industries® is being supplied to clients in wide ranging vacuum application industries all over the world....<<more>>

Fluids : Conquest West Vacuum Pump Oils and Specialty Fluids

Note:CQ-704 silicone diffusion pump fluid is an excellent chemical replacement for Dow Corning DC-704. Conquest West Inc. has been selling CQ-704 worldwide for decades with much success. Conquest West Inc. has been selling CQ-704 worldwide for decades with much success....<<more>>

High Viscosity Pure Silicone Fluids - Clearco Products

PSF‐Fluids are 100% PDMS Silicone Oil that contain no solvents or distillates. They are compatible with virtually all O‐rings, gaskets, valves, pumps, cables and seals...<<more>>

Vacuum Greases and Diffusion Pump Oils - EMSDIASUM

Good for small or large vapor diffusion pumps. Good pumping speed and high backing pressure. If a cold trap is used, oil B can obtain a higher vacuum than oil C does....<<more>>

INDUSTRIAL OIL - Vanishing Oil for Stamping Wholesale

IT-7407 is a silicone diffusion pump fluid for high vacuum of upto 10-9 torr. A low vapor pressure and thermal stability make it ideal vacuum oil for use in mass spectrometers or electron microscopes etc....<<more>>

Material Safety Data Sheet - Agilent

Neovac SY Diffusion Pump Oil Identification of the material and supplier Chemtrec: +(61)-290372994 Material Safety Data Sheet Product name Neovac SY Diffusion Pump Oil 1 . Emergency telephone number: ADG Flash point Not available. Closed cup: 200°C (392°F) Not available....<<more>>

Polyphenyl ether - Wikipedia

A good diffusion fluid must therefore reflect low vapor pressure, high flash point, high thermal and oxidative stability and chemical resistance. If the diffusion pump is operating in the proximity of ionizing radiation source, good radiation stability is also desired....<<more>>

vacuum oil, vacuum sealant and lubricants

products: silicon fluid for diffusion pump Shin-Etsu Silicone, HIVAC F-4 and HIVAC F-5 are silicone diffusion pump fluids designed to produce such high vacuum as 10-7 mm Hg and 10-12 mm Hg, respectively....<<more>>

SingShine Silicones Inc.

Phenylmethyl silicone oil & Diffusion Pump oil . Low viscosity, low freezing point, heat resistance, relatively high flash point, expansion coefficient, superior electrical performance (anti-corona, the average high pressure). For large power capacitor insulation impregnation and plasma bags, infusion bags isolated anti-sticking additives ...<<more>>

Diffusion Pump Oil | DUNIWAY

DUNIWAY PART # Description PRICE REQUEST Image; DS-7040-500: Silicone Based Diffusion Pump Oil - 500 cc, same as DC-704...<<more>>

Diffusion Pump Oil Alternate to CVC 4 Exporter,Diffusion

SUPERVAC INDUSTRIES - Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Diffusion Pump Oil Alternate to CVC 4 at affordable market rates from Jhandewalan,New Delhi,India. Find our best quality Diffusion Pump Oil Alternate to CVC 4 with the durability, high cleaning performance, long shelf life, purity, etc....<<more>>

New Cambridge Mills CMP 704 Diffusion Vacuum Pump Oil

Cambridge Mills CMP 704 Silicone Diffusion Vacuum Pump Oil. CMP 704 Oil can be used instead of Alcatel / Adixen A214 oil. Vapor Pressure @ 25 Degrees Celsius: 2 x 10-7 Torr...<<more>>

GWUnited Chemicals-Methyl Phenyl Silicone Oil 255#

This product is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, with low viscosity, low freezing point, heat resistance, relatively high flash point, expansion coefficient, superior electrical performance (anti-corona, the average high pressure)...<<more>>

SingShine Silicones Inc.

Vacuum Pump Oil Silicone Rubber New Products. Flash Point °C. 195. Ultimate Vacuum, Pa. 10-6. saturated vapor pressure, Pa. It is widely used in High Vacuum Diffusion Pump of electronic industry, metallurgic industry, instrument manufacture industry, and also widely used as transmission liquid and heat-carrier at high temperature in ...<<more>>


(3) Stability of LION DIFFUSION PUMP OIL against oxidation Method : After reached ultimate pressure in the system indicated in Figure-3, open the system and inhale the air into system during the heating and left 5min....