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Micro-diaphragm pumps require compact drives which can provide a continuous flow and variable flow rates. The small volumes per pumping cycle mean high cycle rates of up to several 10 kHz are necessary to achieve high flow rates....<<more>>

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multi-stage (4) two-stage. Submit. Other characteristics. compact (55) oil-free (14) high-pressure (13) aluminum (11) The G-BH8 is a vacuum pump that functions through the use of frequency converters. Its case can be rotated at about 45° and 90° increments. Despite their compact design, ...<<more>>

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Electric oil charging pump > A/C cleaning pump PCW-4 PCW-4D Compact Modern design Reduce noise frame So quiet Vacuum pump 15microns Vacuum level for two stage pumps High performance Light Weight easy to carry Recovery unit Suitable for all commonly used Refrigerants with oil-less compressor Faster recovery rate ...<<more>>

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The design is available in both one and two-stage versions. The absence of a wrist pin is the key to the pump's light weight and compact size. alternative to using a high-vacuum pump is ...<<more>>

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Vacuum Generator Series ZB is a compact vacuum unit includes a vacuum generator, supply valve, release valve, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer in a single unit. The ZB is an energy saving design with reduced air consumption and reaches vacuum pressure set point quicker than previous models....<<more>>

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Deep Vacuum Principles and Application. Introduction! Remember these two basic principles: 1. A vacuum pump creates a void toward which the system pressure flows. 2. As pressure decreases in the system during evacuation, flow also decreases. Therefore, it is Two-stage, Rotary Vane!...<<more>> MegaVac Electric Penis Pump and

The "Micro" MegaVac Electric Pump is a Excellent, Inexpensive Pumping System! The Micro MegaVac is small, strong, lightweight and dependable! It has a plastic casing & creates up to 5 inches of vacuum suction....<<more>>

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Given a system goal that the roughing pump provide a pressure of 4 kPa to support the high-vacuum pumps, this means that two stages of rough pumping should suffice, rather than the 24-stage pumps ...<<more>>

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Retain instructions for future reference. Description These reliable Dayton 2-stage rotary vane pumps deliver maximum vacuum in a small compact design. Engineered specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration for fast reliable evacuation. Equipped with a unique forced-feed lubrication system...<<more>>

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Compact, reliable and extremely powerful – these are the stand-out features of dry-running Seco rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their lubricant-free design makes them ideal for industrial applications in which rapid and reliable vacuum services are required....<<more>>

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Description: The RC 6 chemistry-HYBRIDTM pump is a combination of a two-stage rotary vane pump and a two-stage chemistry diaphragm pump, providing 10-3 mbar vacuum with optimized corrosion resistance....<<more>>

Robinair 15300 VacuMaster Economy 3 CFM Vacuum Pump, 1/3

The two-stage rotary vane design provides powerful, quiet, high vacuum capability and ensures moisture removal, while the high pumping capacity reduces evacuation time. The two-stage design cleans the system more thoroughly than a single-stage pump, the second stage starts pumping at a lower pressure so you can pull a deeper, ultimate vacuum....<<more>>

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A single stage ejector is designed for either high vacuum flow or high vacuum level. The multistage COAX® ejector has a combination of different nozzles providing both high flow and high vacuum level performance in the same ejector....<<more>>

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Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators - Compact, Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump-- Dolphin LX 0110, 0140, 0180 B Supplier: Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Description: Busch LX series liquid ring vacuum pumps are of a compact, motor-mounted design; ideal for a wide range of wet or corrosive process applications....<<more>>

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Available with three-stage COAX® cartridge MINI. Choose an Si cartridge for extra vacuum flow, a Pi cartridge for high performance at low feed pressure or an Xi cartridge when high flow and deep vacuum is needed. Slim, compact, configurable and modular design. Vacuum pump P3010 reduces air consumption to a non-issue. More flexible ...<<more>>


RING COMPRESSORS AND VACUUM PUMPS RING COMPRESSORS AND VACUUM PUMPS RING COMPRESSORS AND VACUUM PUMPS FUJI ELECTRIC CORP. OF AMERICA FECOA-2 5/00-5M. PROFILE 1 Fuji Electric Fuji Electric, established in 1923, is a world leader in the electric and electronics industries. Compact design Removable threaded flanges. Fuji Electric 4...<<more>>

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The miniature two-stage V05T010A-BLDC-C vacuum pump is one of the smallest scroll devices ever designed. Lightweight, Compact, Oil-free Scroll Compressor February 7, 2013...<<more>>

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Adixen Single Vacuum Pump compact for easy installation. Standard Two Stage Rough Vacuum Pump. Features. Compact For Easy Installation in pumping systems. Low Noise Level: 55 dbA at 1 m. Their totally enclosed design provides clean operation and ensures operator safety. These Adixen pumps are widely used on Mass Spectrometers....<<more>>

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KNF diaphragm micro pumps and mini pumps are extremely compact with patented technology that guarantees high performance. Providing design engineers installation flexibility in virtually any environment, KNF micro pumps for air and gas offer miniature, yet durable and efficient solutions to transfer, evacuate, or compress media in the smallest of spaces....<<more>>

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SCHULZ AIR COMPRESSOR PUMP - SINGLE STAGE - CSV 5.2 / 140PSI. $70.00. Buy It Now Tire Inflator Car Air Compressor Electric Pump Portable Auto 12V DC Volt 100 PSI. $19.99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 140 watching | 222 sold; Low Noise Motor Tire inflator is applied special motor technology to achieve low noise. Heavy duty compact design and...