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Vacuum Pumps - Oil Free Vacuum Pump Manufacturer from Thane

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Vacuum Pumps such as Oil Immersed Vacuum Pumps, Single Stage Mono-Block Vacuum Pumps, Single Stage Vacuum Pumps, Two Stage Vacuum Pumps, High Capacity Low Vacuum Pumps and Oil Free Vacuum Pump....<<more>>

Edwards RV28 6.9 CFM Dual Stage High Capacity Vacuum Pump

The pumps have the unique ability to deliver excellent ultimate vacuum in both high vacuum and high throughput modes with or without gas ballast. This gives the user an unrivalled opportunity to select the optimum pumping performance without compromising the application....<<more>>

Dry Diaphragm Pump, Welch 2062, High Capacity dry

Supplying reliable vacuum equipment since 1976! Dry Diaphragm Pump, Welch 2062, High Capacity dry diaphragm vacuum pump. 4.2 CFM, 1.5 Torr base pressure. 115V 60HZ. 2062B-01. Mech Pumps Overview Welch Dry Pumps. Product Detail (Click to Enlarge) Overview....<<more>>

Gast High-Capacity Vacuum Pump, Vac Gauge; 1.15 - Davis

Free-air capacities up to 2.2 cfm (62.3 L/min) Shaded-pole, fan-cooled motor has thermal overload switch to protect your pump system; Different pump models have heads in parallel for higher capacity or series for greater vacuum...<<more>>

Vacuum Pump Manufacturer - wastecorp

A manufacturer of vacuum pumps for municipal, industrial and marine pumping. High suction vacuum pumps up to 200 GPM. Tanks sizes up to 1000 gallons. Skid Mounted Vacuum Pumps. Pump capacity ranges from 60-200 GPM. Tank sizes up to 450 gallons. Super Duty WVP-65 Series 65 Gallon Marine Vacuum Pump ....<<more>>

Sizing Vacuum Pumps - vtechonline

High capacity pumps have other applications, such as those using large vacuum chambers, but in a smaller refrigeration circui t, a 100 m 3 /h pump will generate only 30% more pumping capacity at 5 times the size of a 20...<<more>>

High-Capacity Vacuum Manifold by Arrayit

The Arrayit® brand High-Capacity Vacuum Manifold (AVM) simplifies the purification of molecules used in microarray analysis. Samples and wash buffers can be introduced using a multi-channel automated pipetting device, ideal in high-throughput labs....<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps, Dual Stage, Rotary Vane, Dry Scroll and

These pumps are ideally suited for many applications in labs and small production systems such as analytical instruments, electron microscopes, sputter coaters, carbon coaters, vacuum deposition systems, freeze drying, vacuum ovens and furnaces, or as backing pumps for high vacuum turbo or diffusion pumps....<<more>>

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps | NASH

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are the reliable and durable solution for challenging process applications. Our liquid ring vacuum pump design was the first-of-its-kind when it was launched in 1905, and has been an industry leader ever since....<<more>>

Working Flow Rate: How to Compare Vacuum Pumps

When selecting a dry vacuum pump to support an evaporative lab application such as rotary evaporation, centrifugal concentration, or vacuum drying, it is critical to match the pump’s vacuum capacity and pumping speed to the application. With too little vacuum capacity, the evaporative process proceeds slowly, if at all....<<more>>

Gast High-Capacity Vacuum/Pressure Pumps - Cole-Parmer

Different pump models have heads in parallel for higher capacity or series for greater vacuum Select vacuum pumps with or without gauges, regulators, and valves Runs dry...<<more>>

High Capacity Low Vacuum Pump - leelamvacuum

We are well known enterprise instrumental in manufacturing an extensive range of High Capacity Low Vacuum Pump.These pumps are best suited for low vacuum applications, such as dehydration and filtration process of certain industries....<<more>>

Robinair 15600 High Performance 6 CFM Vacuum Pump, 1/2 hp

The Robinair 15600 High performance vacuum pump has the power and capacity for a wide range of service applications and a high CFM rating. The 15600 has been engineered specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration service, and is built with Robinair’s proven offset rotary vane for fast, thorough evacuation....<<more>>

High-Capacity Vacuum Pump - rdmag

The vacuum is drawn by a 1.5kW oil lubricated rotary vane pump that incorporates sound and vibration insulation, resulting in exceptionally low noise levels for its size and power. Quick-release hatches allow for easy internal access for routine maintenance....<<more>>

High-Capacity Vacuum Chambers - Terra Universal

Includes piping, fittings, and solenoid valve for easy vacuum pump connection and control (order pump and vacuum controller separately below) Internal 18"W (457 mm) shelf supports load up to 75 lbs. (34 kg.)...<<more>>

Electric Vacuum Pump - 2.5 CFM - Harbor Freight Tools

Designed for deeper vacuum draw, this vacuum pump pulls vacuum down to 75 microns. Precision machined one-stage pump removes moisture from air conditioning systems to safely add refrigerant. This one stage vacuum pump is ideal for automotive air conditioning, HVAC work and other operations that require high vacuum pull from a compact pump....<<more>>

Gamma Vacuum - Ion Pumps, Titanium Sublimation Pumps and

Introducing the Quad Pump Controller (QPC) The QPC ion pump controller is the new reference on the market. It controls up to 4 ion pumps independently, and is the world’s first ion pump controller featuring a large, color, touch panel....<<more>>

High speed, high capacity dry vacuum pump. - Free Online

CDX1000 is the first of a new family of dry vacuum pumps from BOC Edwards. Ideal for high speed, high capacity process applications, the new pump features third generation double-ended screw technology for reliable operation and low cost of ownership....<<more>>

Gast High-Capacity Vacuum/Pressure Pumps from Masterflex

Select vacuum pumps with or without gauges, regulators, and valves Runs dry If you need a small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure, you’ll find the unit for your application in the Gast line of oilless diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps....<<more>>

An Introduction to Vacuum Pumps - Vacaero

An Introduction to Vacuum Pumps. This pump features a high throughput capacity, good liquid handling, and tolerates dust and harsh environments. A typical ultimate pressure of approximately 1 x 10-2 Torr can be achieved. It has a pumping speed range of up to 750 m 3 /h (440 ft 3 /min)....<<more>>


IVL Series high capacity low vacuum Water-Ring Vacuum pumps highly reliable are simple pump. The maintenance cost is almost zero. “We, IVC PUMPS PVT. LTD. are committed to satisfy the customers in terms of consistent quality, timely delivery and customized pumps/systems to suit the application....