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Twin Piston Oilless Oilfree Oil-Less Oil-Free Vacuum Pump 5.5CFM 3/4 HP Good for Dairy Farm Milker Pulsator Hookup Epoxy Resin Infusion Workshop Bagging Medical/Dental Office Push Pull...<<more>>

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Mini Airbrush Compressor - Portable Hobby Oil-less Air Pump w/ Hose & AC Adapter Brand New 4.5 out of 5 stars - Mini Airbrush Compressor - Portable Hobby Oil-less Air Pump w/ Hose & AC Adapter...<<more>>

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Dry vacucum pump and oil-less vacuum pumps parts, repairs, products, and accessories available from Becker Pumps can be found on our archives pages. Click to see more....<<more>>

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Oilless vacuum pumps are compressor pumps that work without oil. These dry pumps are lighter and easier to move. They are also easy to maintain and rarely break down....<<more>>

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Rotary vane pump technology is an older technology that has been used in commercial and laboratory grade vacuum pumps for over 50 years. The oil inside the pump seals, cools, and lubricates the pump simultaneously which makes these pumps a very efficient solution for those on a budget....<<more>>

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Becker VT 4.8 Vacuum Pump Oil less rotary vane vacuum pump 5.4 cfm phase 1 Condition is Used. Shipped with UPS Ground (1 to 5 business days)....<<more>>

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That pump doesn't pull as low as a two stage wet pump. That oil less pump was probably half the CFM or less. Those bigger pumps would be faster it the oil was changed during the dry down but that looks like a set it and forget it type of operation....<<more>>

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Most companies make you customize your product to fit the pump. At TruNorth, we customize quality pumps to suit your needs. Working with a dedicated TruNorth professional means you can choose the levels of PSI and CFM, the voltage of your air compressor pump, and what vacuum capabilities your machine has....<<more>>

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We have a professional Factory Supply Oil Less Vacuum Pump for Filtration factory which can assure you of high quality. Please rest assured to wholesale Factory Supply Oil Less Vacuum Pump for Filtration products from us....<<more>>

Oil-Less and Maintenance-Free Vacuum Pump for Harvest Right

The Harvest Right oil-free dry pump is expensive but, like all scroll-type pumps, the machine work must be very precise to operate at such extreme vacuum levels. To learn more about how a scroll type pump works, there is an excellent video here: Working Principles of a Scroll Compressor ....<<more>>

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The cost of a dry vacuum pump failure can also be less than that of a wet pump failure, because oil or other liquid contamination of a vacuum enclosure can often be very damaging. However, oil allows for tighter seals between parts, which increases evacuation capacity....<<more>>

Becker VT 4.25 (3-ph) Oil-Less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Becker oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump with carbon vanes, built in suction filters, vacuum regulating valve, and blow-off valve/silencer, flanged to a 3-phase, wide-range voltage TEFC motor...<<more>>

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Aireka Cells is the internet trading division of Aireka Scientific Co. Ltd, based in Hang Zhou, China. We are a major supplier of Absorption, Fluorescence, Flow-through Cuvettes and accessories for Asian, Europeanand US manufacturers...<<more>>

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Oil-less Rotary Vane. Oil-less rotary vane is a 100% dry vacuum pump technology that requires no oil and no water in its operation. They require no routine maintenance due to the use of sealed-for-life ball bearings and dry running, self-lubricating carbon vanes....<<more>>

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Much quieter, puts out less heat than my oil based pump and seems to get to pressure faster. Also it's MUCH quieter and a ton less work. After a freeze drying batch I just auto-defrost and start the next batch....<<more>>

Hi-Flo Industrial VacuPress? Pump | Vacuum Pressing Sys

The heart of the Hi-Flo Industrial VacuPress? is a maintenance-free 3/4 HP 10 cfm oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump chosen, like the Professional VacuPress? Pump, for its industry proven performance. This powerful veneer pump, combined with larger flow lines and double entrance vacuum bags, achieves full vacuum 100% faster....