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Welcome to Fire Pump Packages Complete Pump Packages contain all equipment and user training. your home starts by following your Fire Department's instructions on creating a "Defensible Space" and purchasing a Fire Pump and Hose Package....<<more>>

Fire Pump 101 | Commercial Fire Pumps (NFPA20)

NFPA20 - Commercial Fire Pumps. NFPA-20 is the National Fire Protection Association's code section governing the construction and installation of stationary fire pump systems. Sections of this code cover everything from requirements for system component markings to temperature or altitude specific rating changes for diesel engines....<<more>>

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Hale Fire Pumps. Fire Pumps/Gauges/Adapters . Hannay Reels. Hose Reels . Havis Shields. Vehicle Consoles . Husky Portable Containment. Portable Water Tanks . Key Fire Hose. Fire Hose . Fire Fighting Equipment Mounting Brackets . Streamlight. Flashlights . Turtle Plastics. Poly Compartment Tiles . Warn Winches. Vehicle Winches & Accessories ...<<more>>

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Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Driven SECTION 1520 Page 1 June 8, 2004 fire pump shall be of horizontal centrifugal (single stage) (multistage) construction specifically labeled for fire service and shall be a Peerless to the motor by the equipment installer....<<more>>

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PRODUCING TRUST IN FIRE AND SAFETY FIRE PUMP SYSTEMS A PRODUCT OF sffecoglobal Available in ELECTRIC MOTOR and DIESEL ENGINE Driven Con˜guration Suitable for Commercial, Industrial and 3000 RPM pump can be driven with 2900 RPM Drivers.” ...<<more>>

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A fire pump is a distinctly made water pump, which offers steady water supply for fire extinguishing. Our fire fighting pumps in Malaysia can be fixed to a water source like a reservoir or water tank....<<more>>

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Fire Pumps In most situations on small vessels a standard small fire extinguisher, a diverted bilge or deck wash pump will be all that's needed. However on commercial or larger leisure boats there are often laws and regulation to comply with necessitating specific fire pumps to be installed with more specific performance criteria....<<more>>

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Portable Pump . All our portable pumps are designed for use in fire and emergency environments....<<more>>

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The Port of Houston (TX) Fire Department has three fire stations along the 58.9 miles of the Houston Ship Channel, and its personnel and equipment fight both marine and land fires throughout the ship channel and its tributaries....<<more>>

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FIRE PUMP SYSTEMS. Electric Motor Driven Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump (1000 GPM @ 100 PSI) skid- mounted system to include 6″ suction control valve, 6″ flow meter test loop, 6″ manual bypass, and jockey pump system, pre-piped and pre-wired on an open I-beam base....<<more>>

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Kawak Aviation is a mission equipment company offering a full spectrum of product research, development and integration, engineering and production services for aerial agriculture, aerial fire fighting, aircraft throttle quadrants, electric motors, and accessory drive mission power systems....<<more>>

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Great fire defense mechanism for any home, business or building near a lake, pond, pool or other water source. In addition to the 1 1/2in. fire hose connection, two 1in. discharge ports let you use this system to wash down construction equipment, driveways and more....<<more>>

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WÄRTSILÄ HAMWORTHY FIRE WATER PUMP PACKAGES CONFIGURATION 750m3/h - 13 bar electric motor driven fire pump NFPA 20 controller A full String Test is performed for the complete Fire Water Pump Package at focusing on overall equipment performance and asset management....<<more>>

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Patterson Pump Company is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality pumps for the Fire, Municipal, Industrial, Flood Control, Plumbing, and HVAC Markets. Patterson offers an extensive line of products that serves customers World-Wide....<<more>>

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Certificat es. NM Fire is the first member of NFPA from Chinese pump manufacturers . the production of fire pump groups is strictly in accordance with NFPA20, production process and performance testing also meet the requirement of ISO9001, some kinds of products have got APSAD(France), UL , FM and CCCF certificates....<<more>>

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[695.5] Size the transformer to a fire pump motor for no less than 125 percent of the sum of the fire pump motor(s) and pressure maintenance pump(s) motor loads, and 100 percent of the associated fire pump accessory equipment supplied by the transformer....<<more>>

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XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump group is a new-style fire-fighting equipment developed in accordance with GB6245-98 and NFPA20 standard, and upon the fitted fire-fighting pumps (single-stage single-suction type, single-stage double-suction type, an...<<more>>


FIRE PROTECTION PUMP PACKAGES K I R L O S K A R R B R O T H E R S L I M I T E D S T U D I O WORKS : M A S P V. L T D As we are constantly endeavouring to improve the performance of our products/ equipment, we reserve the right to make alterations from time to time and as such our products/ equipment may differ from...<<more>>

Diesel Engines for NFPA-20 Fire Protection Applications

•Diesel Engines for fire pump drive shall be current to the starting motor shall be capable of manual mechanical operation to energize starting motor. equipment. •The pump room shall be provided with a floor drain that will discharge to a frost free location....<<more>>

No FM and UL Water Pump Set fire fighting equipment

No FM and UL Water Pump Set fire fighting equipment introduction QI(R) Centrifugal end suction water pump is a single stage, single suction water pump for pumping clean water and the other liquids physically and chemically similar to the clean water....<<more>>

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Aline Pumps is one of the Leading Fire Fighting Pumps and Fire Protection Systems Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors in Australia, Located in Sydney and Brisbane.Aline Pumps are strongly committed to offering high-quality fire pumps, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Sprinkler system and fire sprinkler pumps.There is no doubt that the users will get an extensive industry experience using them....