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Vacuum Pumps | Arrow Max Compressor & Pump

The ISP series of vacuum pumps offer a clean vacuum environment and eliminate the nuisance of cumbersome lubricant maintenance or sealing water administration. The ISP series is free from installation restrictions because of its air-cooled system....<<more>>

Scroll compressor - Wikipedia

A scroll compressor (also called spiral compressor, scroll pump and scroll vacuum pump) is a device for compressing air or refrigerant.It is used in air conditioning equipment, as an automobile supercharger (where it is known as a scroll-type supercharger) and as a vacuum pump....<<more>>

Scroll Vacuum Pumps and Compressors -

Scroll Vacuum Pumps and High performance for low or medium vacuum applications Air Cooled. Air Cooled. Air Cooled. Air Cooled....<<more>>

Agilent IDP-10 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump. Data Sheet. The Agilent IDP-10 dry scroll pump is a compact, high performance, oil-free vacuum pump that Cooling system Air-cooled:...<<more>>

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Balzers Pfeiffer TPU 110 Air Cooled Ultra-High Vacuum Turbo Molecular Pump See more like this Edwards RV3 Two Stage Oil Sealed High Vacuum Rotary Vane Pump -Clean Works Great Pre-Owned...<<more>>

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The COBRA BA series type is an air cooled, screw vacuum pump for light and medium duty applications. The COBRA BC series is a highly efficient and compact solution for light and medium duty applications....<<more>>

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps - Kurt J. Lesker Company

Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps. ANEST IWATA was the first in the world to develop the air-cooled, oil-free, scroll-type vacuum pumps. They are highly valued by customers who need clean quality vacuum....<<more>>

Agilent IDP-7 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Agilent IDP-7 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump. Data Sheet. The Agilent IDP-7 dry scroll pump is a compact, high performance, oil-free vacuum pump, delivering large pumping speed capacity (9.1 m...<<more>>

Agilent IDP-3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump - Dynapumps

Agilent IDP-3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump. Data Sheet. The Agilent IDP-3 dry scroll pump is an innovative, compact, high-performance, oil-free . vacuum pump that is suitable for a wide variety of applications....<<more>>

Agilent IDP-7 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump -

The Agilent IDP-7 dry scroll pump is a compact, high performance, oil-free vacuum pump, Air-cooled Weight:...<<more>>

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The scroll pump is the ideal selection for backing high vacuum turbo pumps, such as in the mass spectrometer shown above, eliminating the risk of system contamination....<<more>>

nXLi | Edwards Vacuum

nXLi AIR COOLED SINGLE PHASE DRY PUMPS. Edwards is delighted to introduce the new air cooled nXLi dry pump range, designed to deliver a consistent performance worldwide with: complete user flexibility in mind....<<more>>

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Dry Vacuum Pump CR series Ver.B is an air-cooled roots type dry vacuum pump. IT complies with international standard(CE,cTUVus).Stable operation and extended lifetime are possible because there is no oil inside of the pump head and no contact between rotor and cylinder....<<more>>

Refrigerant Pump-Down Method | HVAC Refrigeration

The photo is a solenoid for automatic refrigerant pump-down (automatic refrigerant pump-down method). This is on a chiller which uses the valve before it shuts down. The pump-down cycle evacuates the evaporator coil and suction line of any refrigerant....<<more>>

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Agilent IDP dry scroll pumps are oil-free, compact, quiet, high performance vacuum pumps. IDP pumps use a single-sided scroll design that allows for a straightforward 15 minute maintenance procedure with simple tools....<<more>>

Agilent Varian VHS-6 Water Cooled Diffusion Pump ISO-200K, 9

Diffusion pumps also tolerate operating conditions such as excess particles and reactive gases that would destroy other types of high-vacuum pumps. They can be ordered with a 1-phase 115, 208, 240 VAC heater harness and with standard or extended cold cap....