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Vacuum pumps - Function, Advantages and Application - SPA

The vacuum pumps and compressors are rotary positive displacement pumps that cover a wide range of applications. The applications are in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint industries as well as general industries....<<more>>

Tobacco Industry | Dekker Vacuum Technologies

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom-engineered vacuum pump systems and offers a wide range of industrial vacuum pumps, compressors and vacuum pump systems - many of which can be utilized in tobacco production and processing industries....<<more>>

VACUUM SYSTEM Liquid Blade Pump & Compressor Packages

Pumps OFFERING VACUUM SYSTEM Liquid Blade Pump & Compressor Packages Alstom Power’s pumps incorporate cutting edge technology which is tailored to your plant’s individual needs. Efficient, safe and reliable pumping of gas and gaseous mixtures Liquid Ring and Liquid Blade Pumps are the simplest, safest and most reliable method of pumping gases....<<more>>


VACUUM APPLICATIONS BY INDUSTRY (continued from page 3) Tobacco Dehydration/Drying Transportation/ Barge Unloading Loading Conveying Material Handling Waste Water/ Compression...<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps, Blowers and Compressors

COBRA Industry dry screw vacuum pumps are highly efficient, and ideally suited to industrial applications which require reliable and contaminant-free extraction of gases and vapours. Vacuum pumps of the COBRA NC series type with conventional bearing system are ideal for applications in process technology....<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Lab Society

The main application for these pumps is for low-to-medium vacuum levels, but some diaphragm pumps have been designed for medium-to-high vacuum applications. Hybrid (or combination pumps) have both a diaphragm and a rotary vane pump in one....<<more>>

Liquid ring vacuum pumps - Atlas Copco Australia

The AW liquid ring vacuum pumps are available for both single and two stage pumps. AWS single stage liquid pumps are optimized for operation above 200 mbar(a), making them perfect for applications such as filtration or wet conveying, with an ultimate pressure of 30 mbar(a)....<<more>>

Industry Applications - Vacuum Pumps, Extractors, Vacuum

The best vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors, vacuum ovens and supplies from Alcatel Adixen Pfei?er, Across International, Anest Iwata, Edwards, Leybold, Welch, KNF Neuberger, Vacuubrand, Airtech, will typically ?t the bill for this industry....<<more>>

Humidification of Tobacco | Airtech Vacuum

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated is a trusted provider of industry-leading pumps and compressors for the humidification of tobacco. Our products are designed to increase processing speeds, reduce wastage, improve humidity control, and improve overall production efficiencies....<<more>>

Kurt J. Lesker Company | Edwards EM Series (Small) | Vacuum

EM18 & EM 28. The EM range of oil-sealed rotary pumps - renowned for their high ultimate vacuum, rapid pumping speed, quiet operation and ability to handle vapour - have become the industry standard for laboratory and light industrial applications....<<more>>

Liquid Ring Pump | Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump | Emtivac

If your industry needs a liquid ring pump, you’ve come to the right place. Emtivac are here to help! We’re an Australian owned and operated engineering company with 20 years’ experience in vacuum pumps and liquid ring pumps....<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the refining industry for applications such as crude oil vacuum distillation, lube oil dryers, or asphalt production. They are also used in the power industry to evacuate steam surface condensers....<<more>>

Food and Beverage Vacuum Pump and Compressor Applications

On yoghurt filling machines the vacuum pump serves to position the lids on five pre-filled yoghurt containers simultaneously. Suction cups on the machine grip the lids, separate them and move them into the correct positions....<<more>>

Choose the Right Vacuum Pump - Graham Corporation

impeller blades (also called buckets) and the The advantages of liquid ring vacuum pumps vacuum pump is a sliding-vane type that uses...<<more>>

Dryer for processing applications - All industrial

Find your dryer for processing applications easily amongst the 11 products from the leading brands on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases....<<more>>

Vacuum Conveying: Two Methods to Use as Vacuum Pump Energy

Vacuum conveying technology is a proven method of moving dry bulk solids and powders in a range of applications. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial environments. Frequently noted benefits of vacuum conveying systems include cleanliness due to the closed conveying...