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Exhausting and admitting air keeps the system from restricted flow reducing pumping costs and reduces the potential for destructive surges and water hammer that can collapse a pipeline. The seamless cast stainless steel body prevents corrosion and increases integrity which is lightweight to facilitate installation....<<more>>

Understanding Modern Vacuum Technology 2nd Edition - amazon

Understanding Modern Vacuum Technology explains concepts and methods by presenting the historical background of the development of the technology and how it has evolved into the technology we use today....<<more>>

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An ion pump is not to be confused with an ionic liquid piston pump or an ionic liquid ring vacuum pump. An ion pump (also referred to as a sputter ion pump ) is a type of vacuum pump capable of reaching pressures as low as 10 ?11 mbar under ideal conditions. [1]...<<more>>

Vacuum Tables from the Experts at Systematic Automation

Systematic Automation is an expert manufacturer of vacuum tables, leading the industry with proprietary technology and setting the standard for superior, precision vacuum tables. We have been in business since 1983, designing, engineering and manufacturing precision vacuum table solutions for a variety of different industry applications ....<<more>>

Vacuum pump market growing at 6%. CAGR to cross $6.5B by 2024

The future deployment of this product for performing numerous dry pumping applications comprising pneumatic pumping, packaging lines, and drying processes is certain to fuel vacuum pump market trends over the years ahead....<<more>>

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Integrated within the pump is the intelligent drive system that performs ongoing rotor diagnostics, while giving an energy-efficient platform for variable speed/pressure control....<<more>>

PVIV-TC-VAC - Newport Corporation

Provides temperature control for the device under test as well as vacuum positioning capability when used for IV measurements using any Oriel Sol3A, Sol2A, or Sol1A solar simulators and IV test station....<<more>>

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This saves installation space and makes a system looking more modern. Dry compressing pumps have several advantages that are pointed out into this presentation. The main problem is the different situation of OEM and Endusers....<<more>>

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For the pump to operate properly it must be consistently submerged under at least 16 inches (406.4 millimeters) of liquid to maintain the vacuum to create pressure for pumping. This malfunction is known as air lock and is quite common....<<more>>

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Pump ? Gadget Flow

Keep your wine at its best with the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Pump. This handy accessory extracts the air from an open bottle of wine and uses a reusable rubber stopper to re-seal it. Simply place the reusable stopper inside the bottle and use the Wine Saver pump to remove the air. The Wine Saver ...<<more>>

Determination of the Vacuum System for R2R by using a New

3 Who we are and what we do Higher productivity Improved use of resources Reduction of waste Energy efficiency High level application experience and full line vacuum ...<<more>>

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Vacuum/volume 43/number 4/pages 283 to 285/1992 Printed in Great Britain 0042-207X/92$5.00+.00 Pergamon Press plc Robert Boyle (1627-1691) and the vacuum pump 1991 saw the 300th anniversary of the death of Robert Boyle, the man who founded the Royal Society and discovered the inverse relationship between the volume and the pressure of a gas....<<more>>

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The outstanding features of the new Mink claw vacuum pump range are optimised noise emission levels and a smaller floor area. The new range will be introduced at the Fakuma plastics processing ...<<more>>

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When the pump is started, a vacuum is created in the collector tank and throughout the drilling platform pipe system. This allows for the removal of waste from any station around the platform. When the tank is full, the vacuum pump is used as a compressor to empty it quickly....<<more>>

Boron can form a purely honeycomb, graphene-like 2-D structure

Borophene is known to have triangular lattice with holes, while a honeycomb lattice of boron was predicted to be energetically unstable. However, a research team led by Prof. K. H. Wu at Institute ...<<more>>

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The Origin of Vacuum Since 1850, Leybold vacuum technology, solutions and services have influenced a multitude of modern manufacturing processes. Vacuum refines surfaces, helps to communicate and to stay healthy, makes life easier and lets you travel around the world quickly and efficiently....