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Applicable to vacuum distillation,vacuum metallurgy,vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, and etc. 3. Also be used as working fluid of diffusion pump in industries,such as electronics, aeronautics,nuclear and etc....<<more>>

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The pumping speed curve shown (a) illustrates the characteristic differences between roots pumps, mechanical pumps, and high vacuum pumps. Wet vs. Dry A wet pump uses low vapor pressure oil in the pumping mechanism....<<more>>

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K and KT Series oil diffusion vacuum pump also called as oil booster has large pumping speed and high vacuum degree and long life-time. It is the popular for vacuum furnace and vacuum coating machine.Acquiescent flange is CF standard with bolted type....<<more>>

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it's simplicity, high performance, and low initial cost, the diffusion pump remains the primary industrial high vacuum pumping mechanism. Applications for this type of pump...<<more>>

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Diffusion pumps operate by boiling the pump oil (fluid) to generate high-speed jets that capture and transfer the pumped gas. Therefore, the fluid (Fig. 4) used by this type of pump must have very specific properties....<<more>>

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4 6.2 Classi cations of Pumps 6.1 Introduction to Vacuum Pumps Exactly how do we produce a vacuum? Many di erent kinds of vacuum pumps ex-ist, each with their own application....<<more>>


With low ultimate pressure, high speed, high throughput and high tolerable forepressure, Agilent diffusion pumps are the best choice for developmental and production systems....<<more>>

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Oil diffusion pumps remain in popular use in the vacuum heat treating industry, possibly one of the few applications remaining for this type of high vacuum pump in the western world. The main reasons for their continued use are their longevity the lack of other options....<<more>>

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Speed of oil diffusion pump DO-8001 with baffle and co]d trap, pumping air [14] at the tate I/M d2, where Mis the molecular weight: in the experiments he used liquid air refrigeration at the high vacuum side....<<more>>

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The oil diffusion pump is operated with an oil of low vapor pressure.The high speed jet is generated by boiling the fluid and directing the vapor through a jet assembly....<<more>>

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High vacuum pumps provide evacuation of chambers or systems into the high vacuum (10-3 to 10-8 torr) or ultra-high vacuum (<10-8 torr) range of pressure. Mechanical pumps and venturi generators operate in the medium to rough vacuum ranges....<<more>>

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To attain higher divertor pumping speeds than permitted by ducts it is necessary both to use a high speed pumping technology for the high vacuum pumps and also to locate high vacuum pumps adjacent to the divertor without any significant duct length. ....<<more>>

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Welch Vacuum 2014B-01 DryFast Vacuum Pump, Oil-Free Diaphragm, PTFE, 35 LPM, 40 Torr, 115V range,high molecular weight and pumping speed. fluid of diffusion ...<<more>>

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The pump achieves peak operating pumping speed of 300 liters/second over a range from 10-2 to 10-4 Torr and has an ultimate pressure in the 10-5 Torr range. The pump has a forepressure tolerance of .6 Torr....<<more>>

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Because of its simplicity, high performance and low initial cost, the diffusion pump is the primary industrial high vacuum pumping mechanism. Agilent diffusion pumps offer high pumping speeds, high throughput, high tolerance forepressure, excellent backstreaming characteristics, low ultimate pressure, and long-term reliability....